antony melville for river xxxi

Antony Melville, poet and environmentalist, wrote this after visiting the Threadneedle Street show in 2010


Trout Beck

Feel how it is to be a trout
Within the water, not without.
I navigate toward a stone
I breathe its texture, I am gone
To listen in the stiller brook
And read its muddy walls; I look
Askance up at the sky above –
Unfeeling air I do not love.
It does not glide, it does not gleam;
The world of dry seems thin and mean.
Through fronds of weed and floating leaves
I’ll keep deep blue to linger in.

Antony Melville 2010

river xxxi  2008    61cm  x 114.3cm x   giclee print, pigment and acrylic  on canvas