Paper Nautilus

October 25th and 28th 2012

77-79 Southern Row in London’s North Kensington was brought in 1979 by two scientists to house a research and scientific equipment manufacturing business and a printmaking and bookbinding business called the Nautilus Press. No longer occupied, these two Victorian terraced houses tell their own fascinating history through the palimpsests of time, their rooms a maze of retro 70’s d├ęcor and industrial relic.

On the verge of demolition, the building is now a catalyst for artistic exchange. Thirty four artists have come together spontaneously to create a two day event, linked by a shared desire to respond to the buildings multi-layered history. Their individual artistic practices, moving toward collaboration and mutual interaction, include installation, painting, film, drawing, sound and performance.

Video of the event can be seen here:

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