Kenneth Wright

From correspondance with Kenneth Wright, Psychoanalyst and Author.

I’m so glad you collared me at the conference yesterday – if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about your paintings. I think they’re amazing and somehow capture the effect that nature often has better than a photo ever manages. . . . You know how translucent and vibrant light can look – I think you catch that in these works. Your canvases are no longer photos and they seem to lose connection with real places – this makes them I think more telling as works of art. They seem to me to open up a landscape of feeling, a soft place of fuzzy boundaries that is incredibly alluring. . . The transformation you have brought about often creates a strange and mystical space at the heart of the painting.

It seems to me that what you are doing also diminishes the viewer’s perception of reality and opens up a space in which landscapes of the mind can begin to take shape.